Trees and Forests in Western Pennsylvania


Our infographic shares interesting statistics about trees and forested areas of Western Pennsylvania. To help with accessibility of this information for visually impaired individuals, I share the text within the infographic image below. Explanatory information is added where relevant:

  • 568 million – trees, privately-owned in our service area. This is 58% of the total land area.
  • 882,982 – forested acres in our service area. Of these, 626,917 acres are in private ownership (71%).
  • 14,700 – average # of trees per private forest owner. In all, there are approximately 38,700 private owners of woodland and forested land in our service area. The average private plot size is 16 acres where each plot grows 14,700 trees, again on average.
  • 134 & 62 – native & non-native tree species, respectively
  • 5 – times standing timber volume now compared to 60 years ago. This shows that the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s forests are slowly but surely recovering after massive rounds of deforestation over three centuries of history.

The infographic also shows some numbers relating to the tree services provided by Beaver County Tree Service:


  1. Pennsylvania’s Department of Conservation and Natural Resources Bureau of Forestry, specifically their pdf booklet:
  2. Forestry Inventory Analysis by USDA Forest Service
  3. PennsState Extension: “Forest Management and Timber Harvesting in Pennsylvania”

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