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Professional Tree Cutting Service – Western Pennsylvania

Beaver County Tree Service offers a full array of tree cutting services. Based in Rochester PA on the Ohio River, they have the equipment, training and expert staff including an arborist to ensure any tree work progresses smoothly, safely and affordably.

What Is Tree Cutting?

There is no formal definition of this activity. However, the term ‘tree cutting’ is used a lot in common parlance by our customers. For example, whilst we like to use specific industry terms such hazardous tree removal or crown thinning (a tree trimming technique), many of our customers just refer to all of it as tree cutting.

Which is fine as even we use this all-encompassing expression sometimes.

cutting a tree in sections to ensure a safe drop

Therefore, ‘tree cutting’ is a broad term which can refer to the cutting of a single branch or to a whole tree or a to several trees. The cutting of trees at scale can even mean deforestation.

Overall, this short phrase includes all tree-felling activities whether:
                – authorized or unauthorized; or
                – beneficial or harmful to trees; or
                – provided as a service to paying customers or not.

Many property-owners lean towards removal of trees when referring to cutting trees. The problem they face is how can they be sure that the local tree cutters they hire will do the job properly without harming the tree or property?

Don’t Choose This Type of Tree Cutting Service!

Whatever you do, don’t choose tree cutters like these sorry examples:

Choosing Local Tree Cutters

A certified arborist can usually be relied upon to trim a tree to a high standard. The specific written standard in this case is covered by American National Standards Institute (ANSI) A-300 for Tree Pruning. This standard says that stipulates that a maximum of one quarter of a tree’s foliage should be removed in a year.

In the same way, a professional tree cutting company will remove a tree only if really needed. They will have a battery of tree health measures at their disposal to save and rejuvenate the tree.

Beaver County Tree Service has an arborist on staff. This enables us to offer a more expert tree service. We are also fully insured with general liability coverage and workers compensation insurance too. These are just two of several indicators that can help you choose the right tree cutting company in your neighborhood.

Tree Cutting Service Range

The capabilities of Beaver County Tree Service are broad. They are best explained on the following separate pages:

The Best Local Tree Cutting Service in Beaver County

Trees do much for our home, work, and leisure environments. But as all living entities, they are prone to damage, disease, and decay. Eventually, this compromises their structural stability which threatens your property should they fall.

With the stakes so high, Beaver County Tree Service is a safe choice of tree contractor to cut your tree and reduce the risk of disaster. We are a highly rated tree felling company across Western Pennsylvania but especially our home county of Beaver County.

Cost of Cutting Down A Tree in Beaver County

Sharing a price list for our tree cutting removal services is not practical. Any average price is a misleading guide because the number will hide a wide range of amounts invoiced to customers. The spread in costs reflect the fact that each tree is unique in type and size. Indeed, any aspect of the tree’s growing location that makes removing it more difficult will cost more. Examples include sloped ground, unstable or rocky soil, mud, restricted accessibility, and proximity to buildings and power/utility lines.

On the other hand, cutting down a tree is less expensive than the full removal of the same tree. Simple cutting does not involve sawing up the tree into logs, chipping the small branches and foliage and hauling both logs and chips away from your property.

Even so, cutting down a tree safely remains a job for professionals only. Ensuring the tree falls in the right direction is paramount to avoid damaging expensive structures and homes. Imagine if there’s no space in any direction for your tree to fall safely? Branches will need to be roped and gently lowered from the canopy limb by limb. Either that or a crane removal will be necessary.

We assure all our customers that our prices will always be as fair and reasonable as possible. In this way, Beaver County Tree Service is always worth contacting for a quote.

Beware of Shady Operators

An untrained, unlicensed, and uninsured tree cutter can have a devastating effect on your tree. When comparing quotes, please bear in mind that saving a few hundred dollars in the short run on ‘Chainsaw Charlie’ often creates expensive problems for the tree owner down the line.

Cutting Machinery

There is no one cutting machine that can execute all aspects of our craft. Our cutting tools range from a small, well-maintained selection of chainsaw machines, we also deploy manual tree saws for fine trimming work and climbing gear to reach higher branches and fronds. We even have access to grapple-saws for cutting many trees efficiently. We offer crane-assisted tree removal for certain jobs where we can save time, money, and damage to property.

Each cutting tool is thoroughly cleaned after use to ensure that any infectious diseases are not spread to your trees when working on them.

Tree Cutting Service Near Me?

Absolutely ‘Yes’, especially if you live in Beaver County or nearby in Western Pennsylvania. Choose Beaver County Tree Service if you live in Rochester or these nearby communities:

Tree Cutting FAQs

Can I cut down a tree myself?

We don’t recommend that you try to remove or trim a tree that is taller than 15 feet unless you have proper training and experience. As the tree’s height increases, the risk of personal injury and property damage rises exponentially. Call the professionals. Call Beaver County Tree Service to help you.

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