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Your Local Tree Experts in Koppel

Beaver County Tree Service is a family-owned and operated business. We have been established in Beaver County for almost a decade. As such, we are familiar with all locally-grown tree species, soil types, common tree pests and climate here. This means that we can give you the right, local solution for your tree at competitive rates. No guesswork, no trial and error and no expensive felling mistakes on your property – simply professional service. So if you’re looking for Tree Services in Koppel then look no further.

Beautiful yard with large trees
Beautiful yards begin with good trees in great shape.

We’ve Worked on More Than 130 Tree Species in Pennsylvania and nearby Ohio.

Pennsylvania’s Department of Conservation and Natural Resources Bureau of Forestry have counted around 134 native tree species and 62 non-native types in our State. (Source: ) . The Department’s document includes how to identify 64 of our local trees including specimens like the Eastern Redcedar and the Pignut Hickory Tree.
We have worked on the vast majority of these. We know which trees are predictable, which are dangerous to work on and which of them grow well in the different soils in our Keystone State.

And Experienced Too

Established for almost 10 years, our owners and senior staff have more than 15 years of combined tree care services experience. Together, we provide Beaver County’s residents and business owners with a wide range of tree care services including tree removal, tree trimming, 24/7 emergency tree removal, all with FREE estimates.

A summary of each service for residential and commercial property-owners is shared below:

Tree removal service performed by crew with a crane
  • Removal is a last resort
  • Safe, professional removal
  • Fully insured service
  • Affordable, free quote

Tree Trimming
Professional tree trimming by arborist roped into a tree
  • Trim for health and beauty of tree
  • Adds $ value to your trees and home
  • Trimming to highest American Standard
  • 5 types of tree trimming service

Excavator clearing forested land
  • Affordable & Efficient Land Clearing Service
  • Heavy equipment to get the job done
  • 15 years’ land and brush clearing experience
  • Trained and insured operators

Tree Pruning Service in action
  • Improve health of your tree
  • Structural pruning
  • Maximize fruit yields
  • Booking Oak Tree Pruning Now

EMERGENCY Tree Removal
Tree fallen onto a home requiring our emergency tree removal service
  • Call us if a tree fell on your home
  • Heavy equipment for safe work
  • Affordable service available 24/6
  • Fully insured, trained crew

TRee Cutting
Tree Cutting Service in Pennsylvania
  • Professional Tree Cutters
  • Arborist Ensures Proper Cutting
  • Fully Insured
  • Affordable Tree Cutting Quotes

Tree Removal

Instead of removing trees, we prefer to save them wherever possible

If your tree looks like it’s dying, it can often be revived with proper care. We have the experience to be able to recommend a range of remedial options such as soil analysis, soil aeration, fertilizer application, sprays and injections. Better tree health can be as simple as removing the volcano of mulch from the root flare. The remedy all depends on your tree’s condition.

Sometimes removal is the only workable option

But If, after careful assessment, your tree cannot be saved, let us remove it for you. It’s often better to start over and replant with a new native species perhaps in a better site in your yard. For sure, a sad, decaying specimen may still hold fond memories for you. However, if neglected, it will become an increasing danger to life and limb. In this state, your tree will also detract from the resale value of your home. For us, removing a tree is sad but also necessary on occasion.

We Safely Remove all Types of Trees

We extract all types, sizes and species of trees for residential and commercial customers. Our heavy equipment, trained climbers and full insurance coverage mean we also remove large trees and trees in awkward locations. The removal process is usually fraught with danger because any tree has the potential to injure our workers. Our green industry is one of U.S.’s most dangerous. The tree could also fall onto your property if its removal is not conducted properly.

Our accident-free history is a testament to our experience, training, skill, sound judgment and well-maintained equipment.

We welcome requests from residents for a FREE and FAST quote for the following removal services:

  • large tree removal
  • dangerous tree removal
  • high-risk tree removal
  • hazardous tree removal

More details of our safe & insured tree removal services are shared here:

Call Us: (724) 613-4144

Tree & Stump Removal

We realize that some customers will want the stump left in the ground. We normally quote for both stump and tree removal. However, we can just quote for removing the tree without the stump if you wish. The latter will be slightly less expensive albeit with an unsightly stump in your yard.

Tree Trimming

Beaver County Tree Service has the experience and skills to offer a full professional tree trimming service. This includes all aspects of best practice trimming as set out in the following 5 examples:

Masters of 5 Tree Trimming Techniques

  1. Crown Thinning – Reducing density of foliage and increase sunlight and air circulation within inner canopy.
  2. Crown Reduction – Reducing the height of the tree by carefully removing specific branches back to next lateral growth. This retains the overall frame of the tree, enables faster healing and ensures greater longevity for your tree. This approach is far more beneficial than the destructive “topping” or ludicrous “lion-tailing” practices.
  3. Crown Restoration – Remedial pruning conducted over time. This corrects trees misshapen by storms, improper trimming or topping. It gradually restores the tree back to good health and a more conventional appearance.
  4. Crown Cleaning – Removing selected branches that are dead, dying or damaged.
  5. Crown Raising (aka Crown Elevation/Lifting) – Improving clearance underneath the tree’s canopy by trimming away branches below a specific height.

Thinning or pruning a tree in these 5 ways requires great skill and experience. We can undertake this work on your trees with the necessary patience and care. Hire us and we will reveal the true beauty of your tree without harming it. See our separate tree trimming service page for more details.

Call Us: (724) 613-4144

Professional Tree Trimming is Key

Mature trees in great condition add significant financial value to your neighborhood and your home too. In fact, USDA Forest Service calculates that they can add up to 10% to the $ value of your home. This is quite apart from the substantial ecological and health benefits of trees. To reach maturity in an urban or developed setting, trees need to be cared for and also protected from physical or pest damage. They also need to have structural or corrective trimming from time to time, say, every 3 to 4 years.

The converse is also true. Trees that have been irreversibly damaged by aggressive practices such as topping are a danger to life and limb. The sorry example pictured here will negatively affect the value of your home and so become a financial liability.

Our professionals can easily find dead, decaying and pest-damaged limbs in your tree, even from ground level. Call us or message us to set up an appointment to inspect your trees:

Call Us: (724) 613-4144

Land Clearing Service

Beaver County‘s forests are alive and well. Amazingly, only 1% of wooded land is cleared in any one year. In our 15 years’ experience of clearing many different types of land, we have seen at least 11 different triggers for customers needing such a service. We explain each on our separate land clearing service page here.

We also describe the 5 reasons why you might wish to choose Beaver County Tree Service for your land improvement project. These include:

  • affordable pricing
  • trained operation of heavy equipment
  • environmentally-sensitive debris disposal
  • insurance

We’d love to hear about land that you need cleared. Tell us a little about your lot or acreage on our contact form below. We’ll then call you to arrange a visit to your property. A free quotation for any clearing work you need is also just a phone call away: (724) 613-4144

Emergency Tree Removal

It’s not until we experience a storm in our neighborhood that we see how weak some of our trees really are. A recent survey of the urban forest in a major southern U.S. city reveals that fully 11% of all city trees are either dead or dying.

A damaged, hollow tree may still support its canopy but is severely weakened. Anything more than a 30% hollow cavity in the trunk won’t stand up to storm force winds. If it falls over in a gale, our emergency tree removal service can help. Call us any time day or night as soon as the tree has fallen. As part of our emergency service, we will:

  1. Stabilize the fallen tree so that it doesn’t cause more havoc and damage to your property.
  2. Carefully remove the tree from your home when it’s safe to do so.
  3. Liaise directly with your insurance company during the process if you wish. In most cases, this eliminates the need to bill you for the work as we’ll collect from your insurer. This assumes adequate home-owner coverage exists.

What if a tree lands on a Power Line or a Public Road?

Call 9-1-1 first and do not touch the tree or the power line. It could kill you with a high-voltage shock. If the tree is on a power line, then immediately call your local electric utility service. If the tree is lying on a road, call City hall. Contact details for all Western Pennsylvania’s electric utility companies are shared below.

Call Now 24/7. Your Tree Emergency Needn’t Be A Disaster.

Call Us: (724) 613-4144

Tree Pruning Service

Let’s clear up the question of “Is pruning the same as trimming?”

We’re not pruning purists who say that pruning and trimming are entirely separate. In fact, there’s a lot of overlap because the two terms are often used interchangeably.

On the other hand, proper tree pruning is more than just lopping off tree limbs. We like to think that correct pruning is the field application of arboricultural practices that have been tested by science. Professional pruning can also increase fruiting productivity and encourage greater flower volume on trees.

Advanced pruning can also correct structural problems with trees with several different techniques. In fact, our tree pruning expertise includes 10 different pruning techniques and services. Our separate pruning service page explains everything in more detail here.

Best Time of Year To Prune a Tree

Oak trees should only be trimmed in winter when the tree is dormant. The beautiful example pictured is a Northern Red Oak still a few weeks away from dormancy. We only prune mature oak trees mid-November to early-March to reduce risk of Oak Wilt disease. For most other trees, early spring/late winter would be appropriate.

For fruit tree pruning, each fruit tree type has its own calendar timing. The 3 priorities with fruit trees are:

  1. Improving tree health
  2. Regulating fruit size and maximizing a sustainable level of fruit production
  3. Avoiding biennial fruiting whereby alternate years produce over-production and gross under-production of fruit

If you are uncertain when’s the best time to prune your tree, then call us. We’ll be happy to share what we know and give you a virtual or drive-by tree pruning estimate. Both are completely free.

Northern Red Oak Tree Leaves in full fall colors.

Learn How We Properly Prune Trees

Which ever pruning trimming job you need, we follow ANSI-A300 for tree pruning. One of the main safeguards within this best practice doctrine is never to remove more than 25% of the tree’s canopy during any one growing season (usually a year).

Other ANSI pruning standards include:

  • never wear climbing spikes whilst pruning a tree
  • not to apply wound paint
  • avoid flush cuts
  • never top trees

Call Us Or Message Us To Arrange a Tree Pruning Quotation for Your Trees:

Call Us: (724) 613-4144

Tree Service Meaning

At one level, a tree care service is a specialist person or company who maintains and removes amenity trees upon the request of a customer. An amenity tree is one that is NOT grown for commercial purposes. This is why it’s separate from forestry.

The specialist may be called a tree surgeon or an arborist and sometimes an arboriculturist. Experts in arboriculture are people who cultivate, manage and study trees and woody plants. But as well as recognizing what’s important for the tree’s long-term health, a tree cutting service also has to address customers’ requirements. Otherwise, he doesn’t get paid!

An understanding of arboricultural (the tree’s) priorities help a lot in professional tree care. In reality, we perform a balancing act every day between what’s good for trees and the needs of their human custodians, our customers.

Call Us Today (724) 613-4144 for All Your Trimming Removal Needs

Safe Tree Service Near Me in Beaver County Pennsylvania

Working on large trees is neither for the faint-of-heart nor for the untrained amateur. Safety of our staff, of our customers and protection of property is of paramount concern in our operations. We never become complacent with safety issues. Accordingly, we always comply with the safety best practices as advocated by the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA).

Our employees are our company’s greatest asset. They are absolutely key to our success. All of our employees go through extensive training on a regular basis. This means that, as a team, we follow the correct procedures for the tree cutting service industry and meet the highest standards of safety.

We also Serve These Areas Nearby

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Q. Why Choose Beaver County Tree Service?

Four reasons:
– Local experience and
– Affordable rates
– Best Customer Service
– Fully Insured

With more than 20 years’ combined experience in Beaver County, we can assess your tree’s problem quickly and accurately. So we’ll spend our time on your property conducting the professional tree care service safely and efficiently. As independent owner-operators, we do not have franchise percentages or head office fees to pay that our friends working for national tree company chains are bound to pay. This means we can pass on those savings to our local customers.

Best Customer Service

Our customers are our ‘Number One’ priority. Without you, we have no trees to care for and attend to. As well as turning up on time for agreed appointments, we will respect and protect your property at all times whilst working there. As a fully insured professional tree service company, you have no worries calling for Beaver County Tree Service. Always ask to see our Certificates of Insurance for General Liability and Workers Compensation Insurance. This way you’ll know you have a professional tree expert with high standards working on your trees and property.

Q. What is the average cost to cut down a large tree in Koppel?

Cutting a tree costs $800 on average. But you might spend anywhere from $250 to $1,700 depending on the tree’s size and height. Taller trees above 60 feet will cost $1250 or more, on average. The wide range reflects the varied site conditions e.g. site accessibility and also proximity to houses, power lines, utility lines, neighboring property etc. etc.

Q. How much does it cost to service a tree?

It depends on the tree servicing job you want done. The average tree removal cost in Western Pennsylvania is between $240 and $1,700. Stump removal will cost between $85 to $345 depending on size and location. Average tree trimming costs are lower at between $195 to $750 depending on the size of the tree. Accessibility of the site to time-saving machinery is also a factor.

When you’re faced with removing a tree, beware that many local tree removal companies aren’t fully insured. Taking shortcuts with this costly overhead will reduce the removal quote from some amateur operations. If the quote you get looks too good to be true, it usually is. Hire a pro to do the job right! Call us to get the ball rolling.

Q. Who removes trees for free in Western Pennsylvania?

Free tree removal is available in 3 specific situations:

i). If a tree has fallen on a power line, call your power company. Of-course, if there’s an emergency, call 9-1-1 first. In order to protect their power network, these utilities will remove any trees that are in danger of touching power lines or actually touching them. And they’ll do it free of charge. Here’s a list of all the electric utilities within our service area:

List of Power Companies in West Pennsylvania

For visually-impaired visitors, there will soon be a fully interactive version of this table on our separate emergency tree removal service page.

The electric utilities will have arrangements with local or national line clearance companies. Some utilities may have a policy not to remove the cut debris on occasion.

ii). Should a tree fall on a road or municipal property, your City Hall will remove any such tree from a public right of way at their expense.

iii). Even if the storm-damaged tree has fallen on your property, you may escape having to pay for the clear-up work. For example, if you have full insurance coverage for your property, we can liaise with your insurer and settle with them direct in most cases.

Where Are The Best Trees in Pennsylvania?

There are some wonderful specimen trees in Pennsylvania. Fantastic examples of our State’s biggest, tallest and oldest trees can be found here:

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